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Please feel free to look round my site and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need my help or advice. I’ve put this page together about my family, my work and myself to enable you to get to  know us a little more, well me in particular of course, I hope you enjoy learning about us.

We, that’s David my partner and Laura our lovely daughter, live in the very picturesque Northern spa Town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire here in the UK.  We are animal lovers and share our home with our crazy Chocolate Brown Labrador Smartie, Sooty and Sweep our cats and Lilly our rabbit! You can catch a glimpse of them all below.


My background

Before I began my online journey my background was in Advertising, Marketing & Sales and then about 12 years ago I got my first exposure to Network Marketing with a Health and Nutrition company, purely by fluke really – I took a flyer off the back of a toilet door in Kings Cross Station whilst down in London on a training course waiting for a very delayed train to arrive late one Friday evening! I was somewhat annoyed that the train had been delayed because that meant I wouldn’t get home in time to see Laura that night before she went to bed and having missed her terribly all week it was the icing on the cake.  You can imagine when I saw a leaflet offering ‘work from home’ I couldn’t resist picking it up and my life has never been the same since – thank goodness!

I say my online journey began back then but that isn’t entirely 100% true as I wasn’t actually the one working online at the time. I worked very much offline myself but paid somebody within my team to generate a  online leads for me as I didn’t have much time to build my business having a young child, a full on full time job, a very large house to run and absolutely no idea whatsoever how to generate any kind of lead online because all my previous advertising and marketing experience was offline.

My Goal

I decided to give the network marketing system a go and what I lacked in experience I oozed in attitude. I had a huge goal and it was very time sensitive.  Basically my goal was to be working from home full time when Laura started primary school and in order to do this I needed to replace my current income.

Fortunately for me this plan worked well and there I was with Laura on day one of her primary school adventure. Since then I’ve taken her pretty much every day and still do to this day.  I am very lucky and hugely grateful and thankful that I’ve been able to not only take her to school each day but that I was also in a position to be able to take her to after school clubs, go on school trips with her, go into school to help out, be at home for every school holiday and watch every one of her school performances etc.  None of this would have been possible if I had continued working full time for somebody else.

However paying somebody to provide the leads for you is an expensive way to build your business but when you are working full time sometimes this is your only option.  Once I began working from home this had to stop and I went back to the traditional ways of generating leads but still in my heart I knew I needed to be online in order to leverage my time better.

About seven years ago I decided that enough was enough and the online scene needed to be conquered and so my personal online journey actually began.  Course after course, video after video, webinar after webinar, I soaked up all the information I needed to know in order to learn how to take and build my health and nutrition business online.

What I hadn’t realised was that in the process of learning all of this information I would end up really enjoying working online and eventually end up managing other people’s social media platforms for them as well as teaching and training SME’s  how to build their businesses using social media and online marketing strategies.  I even do public speaking events on the subject of social media now and that really is how Rachel Moore Social Media began.

It’s rather funny really when you think about how I’ve come full circle over the years without even realising it.  I’ve gone from helping businesses market themselves offline whilst working in a top Yorkshire based ad agency to working from home for myself helping businesses market themselves online and through social media!

The Outcome

So now not only do I teach clients how to lose weight and become healthier I teach even more clients  how to use Social Media to help make their business more visible on the web and ultimately generate more leads, sales and profits and I absolutely love it.

I’ve produced my own video courses aimed at small business owners, charities and clubs who want to understand how to set up their business on Facebook and then learn the basics of how to get it working for them.

I run free webinars designed to help and teach businesses about social media, blogging and internet marketing and one very popular webinar recording on Facebook is ‘5 Killer Mistakes That Facebook Page Owners Make That Are Costing Their Businesses Money‘ which you can watch by clicking here.

In among all that I also run hands on Social Media Workshops in Harrogate, coach clients either through my membership site, personal one to one sessions, group and team coaching or over the phone using Skype, webinars and video training.

All in all not bad to say I knew nothing about being online seven years ago!

My Promise

I spent hours and hours learning what I needed to know only to find that some of what I learned I didn’t really need to know, but weirdly enough until you’ve learned it you don’t really realise that you don’t need to know it, which is not only ironic but it wasted a lot of my time, my valuable time and it slowed my progress down hugely which annoyed me greatly and it cost me a fortune.

So I made a promise to myself  that ‘once I knew what I was doing I would teach others only what they needed to know and at an affordable price.’  Allowing others to get up and running quicker.  As I work for myself from my home I hope I will always be in a position to offer huge value to my clients at very affordable prices.

I  hope you’ve enjoyed learning about my journey from shareholding director in a top Yorkshire ad agency to becoming a stay at home mum whose passion is to help others wherever I can and I very much hope I will be able to help you at some point in the future too.

Kind regards.

Rachel Moore

Office: 01423 529708

PS:  Don’t forget about my ‘FREE 20 minute consultation’,  use my online scheduler to book yourself an appointment or give me a call =========>>>>>


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