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December 3, 2014

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FREE Facebook Pages 27 Point Checklist Infographic27_point_check_orange

Facebook pages are an absolute necessity these days if you want to promote your business via Facebook whether you are a bricks and mortar company or are already on-line, but the problem is not everybody knows how to set themselves up in the correct way on Facebook and there are still lots of people/businesses promoting themselves  from their personal profile which is a huge, huge no, no with Facebook.

In fact such a big no, no it is, when Facebook catch up with you they will actually close down your personal account without notice or discussion! A little unfair I would say myself, as most likely the person promoting from their personal page has no idea what they are doing wrong or about the fantastic benefits they could be using if they were promoting from a Facebook page rather than their profile.

Facebook Profiles -v- Facebook Pages

This is just point one on my FREE Facebook page 27 Point Checklist and I won’t bore you with all the differences between the two as there are tonnes but I will mention a few to give you a flavour of how much easier life can be when using a Facebook page, after all if your page isn’t rocking right now you might sometimes wonder why you are bothering so hopefully this will remind your why and believe me it really is well worth persisting with.

Personal Profile

  1. With your personal profile you are limited to 5,000 friends, which yes I admit sounds like a lot but the point is that once your business takes off and you reach that limit then you’ll have to start all over again and set up a Facebook page and then somehow try to transfer the people from your profile across to your page or work both simultaneously, making double the work for you whilst still running the risk of Facebook closing down your account.
  2. As I mentioned earlier you absolutely CANNOT advertise or promote your business from your personal profile.  Yes the odd post here and there promoting your page or your business is fine (two to four times per month, no more) is fine at this stage but you are directly breaking Facebook’s T&C’s if you use your profile to constantly promote your business and you are running a high risk of having your account terminated (not suspended) terminated without warning or discussion!
  3. You can set your privacy settings to private or public with your profile.
  4. You cannot use Facebook’s pay per click advertising platform without a page.

Facebook Pages On The Other Hand …

  1. Allow you to have unlimited fans, it has no privacy setting of course, I mean, why would you want your business page to be set on private?  You want everyone to know what you’re doing in your business don’t you! Although you do have the option to be ‘unpublished’ which is a good idea to use when you are populating your page initially.
  2. You can ‘pin posts’ which means if you have an important announcement or special offer to tell people you can have this pinned to the top of your page so it’s always the first post people see when they visit your page.
  3. You can install (or get installed if you aren’t very techie) apps that set up competitions, promotions or simply work as a 24/7 silent salesman on your behalf. These are an absolute must for every business and you can brand the images to work with your corporate branding too.
  4. By using the Facebook advertising pay per click advertising platform you can actually get your adverts into other people’s News Feeds, which is awesome. Imagine being able to show your advert in your competitor’s News Feed!!
  5. Any updates you put on your page go out to the fans of that page and appear in their News Feed although this is somewhat limiting these days due to Facebook algorithms changes.
  6. If a fan of your page ‘likes’, ‘comments’ or ‘shares’ your update then there is the potential for  ‘their friends’ to also see those updates. These are people who don’t yet like your page and may not even know who you are at this stage.
  7. Another really important fact about Facebook pages is that they are optimised more easily by the search engines because they can be customised with apps that link back to websites and they have specific areas that you can optimise by adding keyword rich text to help your page get found by the search engines.
  8. Pages’ have Insights’ which is a suite of FREE analytical tools that provide you with stats on things like your post engagement, video views, photo views, demographic breakdown, page views, page likes, page clicks, CTR (click through rate), what time your fans are on-line and so forth. These really important stats are just not available to those using their profile.
  9. Pages also allow you to expand your reach via Facebook’s ridiculously cheap pay per click advertising platform whereas with your profile you are restricted to posting only to friends.  Meaning you’ll miss out on a whole new audience of potential customers.

So there you have it plenty of reasons why you should be using a Facebook page to promote your business from rather than your personal profile and that is, as I said earlier on, just point number 1 on the Facebook page 27 point checklist which I am offering to you absolutely for FREE by clicking here.

Alternatively if you are struggling with your Social Media and need some help you might like to take a look at my Social Media Question & Answer, Help & Support Group whereby I run a private support group designed to help people use their social media effectively.  Come and join us for a month for just £1.00. Find out all about it by clicking the image below.


I hope you have enjoyed this post on why you should use a Facebook Page rather than your Facebook profile to promote your business, please don’t forget to share or retweet to help spread the love.

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