LinkedIn Tip – How To Create A Vanity URL

August 8, 2014

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 Creating A Vanity URL On LinkedIn

I usually talk mostly about Facebook because I really enjoy using it and can see the huge benefit that businesses can get when they understand how to use the platform correctly.  However, today is the start of a series of tips I’m going to provide you with relating to LinkedIn.

These tips are going to be quick fire, some in written form and some in video format,  they will be straight to the point and in some cases very basic but we have to start somewhere!  So let’s get going…

Today’s Tip – How To Create A LinkedIn Vanity URL

So what is a vanity url?  It’s quite simply a personalised url rather than a random one automatically generated by LinkedIn when you set up your account.  Below is a screen shot of my vanity url. Not everybody realises that they can change their original url to something more memorable and more relevant to them or their business. The image above shows you what my vanity url looks like.

The first section won’t ever change but the end section after the  /in/ (see image below)  can be changed to whatever you want it to be. This immediately makes it easier for you to remember, easier for others to remember, easier for others to find you and it also looks so much more professional on your business cards and literature than a random string of numbers which is exactly what you’ll get if you don’t set up your own personalised vanity url and leave it at the default setting.

How To Create A LinkedIn Vanity URL

Well, it’s quite straightforward and simple to do, just follow the steps below:-

  1. Click on your profile
  2. Click  edit
  3. Under your photo there is your url (just as is shown in the images above) and next to it will now be an edit button
  4. Click on that and then scroll right the way down to ‘your public url’ on the right hand side
  5. Click on ‘customise your public profile url’
  6. The portion of the url that you are able to change is shown in the box, simply type in your name and click set custom url
  7. LinkedIn will tell you if your name is available or has already been taken and if this is the case just simply add in your middle name initial or shorten your name from say ‘Susan’ to ‘Sue’ or whatever your shortened name might be or you can put your name in and then add some keywords afterwards for example ‘RachelMooreSocialMedia’ etc and that’s it.  You now have a professional vanity url set up on LinkedIn.

If you’d like any further help with your social media whether you want it to be ‘Done For You’ or for me to teach you how to use the various platforms correctly then I am more than happy to help.  Please feel free to email me for more details by clicking here or take a look at my website by clicking here

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