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Working on-line can be so overwhelming that you can end up not knowing in which direction you should be going.  I endeavour to help map out with you what your best options are, where to start, where to focus and how to use correctly and effectively the on-line platforms.

We start with a Free 20 minute consultation followed by a questionnaire to help  establish what your business is about and in which direction we need to go.

  • Perhaps you are struggling to get started and just want somebody to help you, guide you and explain everything in plain and simple English?
  • Perhaps you’re not sure how to optimise your social media to it’s full potential?
  • Maybe you can’t fathom out how social media can build your business, increase your profits by helping you make more sales?
  • Or maybe you simply want to use social media to earn an extra income?
  • Maybe you’re not quite sure what you need and if this is the case then maybe my  popular trainings might help you

Whatever your goal or issue let’s talk and see if we can sort it out together, click here to contact me or complete the on-line meeting scheduler to the right.

Exactly How Can I Help You Get To Grips With Your Social Media?

There are so many different ways in which I can help you and to be honest I’m pretty flexible so if you would like to work in a particular way that I’ve not mentioned below, contact me and let’s see what we can arrange.

  • I can work with you on a one to one basis, either in person if you live locally or by Skype, webinars, video, email and telephone if not
  • You could purchase my ‘fb-Know-How’ video course which has 12 simple to follow step by step videos aimed at beginners wanting to learn how to use Facebook for Business.  This also provides you with access to my private, interactive Facebook group where you can ask all your questions directly.
  • You can join my membership site where we cover  the main social media platforms in depth, hold weekly webinars and have a private Facebook question and answer group so you never need feel alone, overwhelmed or stuck
  • I do one off consultations either by the hour, a half day or a full day – whatever works best for you
  • There is of course my 20 minutes free telephone consultation – see the pop up to the right to schedule an appointment or click here to contact me.
  • And I also hold half day and sometimes full day workshops here in Harrogate that you are more than welcome to attend.

The best thing to do is speak with me and explain where you are struggling and we can go from there.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Kind regards.















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