No Facebook Workshops In January BUT What About This Instead?

December 10, 2014

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No Facebook Workshops In January BUT What About This Instead?

As those who read my blog and subscribe to my list will know I normally run some kind of Facebook For Business Workshop/s each month.  Sometimes I do a couple and sometimes I do three per month however I’ve decided to try something a bit different in January.

One-To-One Sessions

My workshops normally cost £29.99 for a group session but I’ve decided as part of my ‘help the small businesses in 2015’ campaign I’m going to do five, two hour, one to one sessions with the first five people who contact me.  Not only that they will get the two hour session for the same price as the group workshop which would normally cost them, just £29.99.rachelmooresocialmedia.com

You can come to my office or we can work on-line, it’s your choice, but I will work with you for two hours to help you get your Facebook marketing rocking and rolling.  All you have to do is book your place NOW for January by clicking here and then I’ll email you and we can work out a mutually convenient date and time from there.


I only have the capacity to do this for five people so don’t delay, get your slot booked NOW!

This is a ridiculously low price I know, but as I say I am determined to help small businesses make the most out of their social media and especially Facebook in 2015 as it seems so many businesses don’t realise what they are missing out on by not using Facebook to help build their business.

I hope you decide to join me for these special individual workshops and I look forward to helping you get the New Year off to a flying start. Once again to book, click here.

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