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June 19, 2014

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Could This Be The Answer To Your Social Media Overwhelm?

There’s really no easy way of saying this and just in case you hadn’t already noticed Social Media takes up a huge amount of time especially if you are to do it all yourself and correctly. It’s also very often said that Social Media is free marketing but is it?  Well,  it’s free to sign up for the accounts and to use them in the main, but for every minute a small business spends posting, liking, sharing, writing blogs etc is one minute they could have been doing something else and possibly something more productive.social media

Now that’s not to say that being on Social Media isn’t productive  or pro-active, of course it is, but it takes time and consistency to make it work. Posting as and when you have a quick 5 minutes here or there in between exhibitions, conferences or when the job goes quiet isn’t really going to get you the desired outcome.  You need to be doing it constantly and consistently which is why in the majority of cases it makes sense to hire somebody to help out.  They don’t have to do everything for you if you don’t want them to, just maybe the bits that you don’t enjoy or which drain you of your time, energy and the will to live!

Social Media Help Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Having previously worked in large advertising agencies in my past life, I know from first hand experience that big doesn’t always mean best but it more often than not does mean expensive.

If you are a small business with a small marketing budget then don’t think you can’t afford some Social Media help just because the ‘big boys’ charge a fortune.  Look at some of the smaller companies or better still individuals who have tonns of experience but who don’t want to work in the corporate world any longer.  They can offer a true personal service, they have lower overheads which means they can provide a service at a far more reasonable and cost effective rate and they’re more likely to take a true interest in your results as you’ll not just be ‘another client’ to them.

But What Social Media Help Can You Get?

More than likely if you are in business then you’ve already got yourself some kind of Social Media presence. You’re having a go to see what all the fuss is about and probably finding it hard-work and time consuming!  Then again maybe you’ve been putting it off for as long as possible and now feel the time has come that you need to set up your accounts, get active and learn about the best strategies for each of the different platforms that best suit your business but how on earth are you going to find the time to achieve all that?  Perhaps you’ve already got thousands of fans/followers on your accounts but you don’t know how to turn them into paying customers after all ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’ are worth nothing unless you have them in a system in which you can market to them directly?

social mediaWhatever level your Social Media’s at, it really doesn’t matter. If you are finding it all a little too much and it’s starting to overwhelm you then maybe I can help in some small or large way?  I help small to medium sizes businesses with their Social Media requirements so why not talk to me and let’s see if and where I can help you.

I offer a FREE 20 minute consultation which you can book by completing the pop up to your right of this page or click here for further details.

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