Social Media – Is It Really Worth All The Effort?

July 26, 2015

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Social Media – Is It Really Worth All The Effort?

I remember years ago thinking to myself, should I be going online with my health and wellness business or not?  It was a question I pondered for quite some time before I actually took the leap and did it.

Having been a Director in an Advertising and Marketing Agency prior to the birth of the www., my whole background, experience, knowledge and understanding of marketing a business was with offline strategies but here I was being drawn more and more into this whole new way of marketing that totally bamboozled me if I am honest.

I’d set up my own offline health and wellness company a few years earlier as a means of being able to work from home once my daughter started primary school but I kept thinking to myself there must be easier ways to get new customers and  a better ways to leverage my limited time and it was these thoughts that made me take a look at social media and online marketing in general.8_benefits_of using social media

The more I looked, the more I learned, the more I learned the more I wanted to learn until one day I realised I was spending more time teaching and training others how to use social media than I was spending on my own health and nutrition business and that was because I was fascinated with it all, I’d literally come full circle, from helping businesses market themselves offline to this new and exciting way of working online.

Fast forward a few years to 2015 and that’s exactly what I do as a business now a days, I teach and train other small to medium sized businesses and new start ups, how to use social media and online marketing to market themselves!

However, I can still remember the trials and tribulations I had back then when I was trying to understand how it all worked, what would the benefits be for my business and how on earth was I going to learn all I needed to know with the limited time I had available and more to the point the non existent advertising budget I didn’t have?

With that in mind I’ve put together this article to quickly highlight 8 of the main benefits social media can offer to your business but and I mean but, there is no point entering into this in a half hearted way, it takes commitment, time and a good strategy to achieve results that are more than mediocre from your social media efforts.

1]  It Allows You To Become An Influencer In Your Industry

We all like to talk about things we know about and social media is a great place to share your knowledge with others, the more you share the more you become known for that subject and as you gain more followers and fans across the networks the more your expertise grows from them sharing your content until you become the ‘go-to’ authority in your industry.

2]   Save Money On Your Marketing Costs

In the past if you wanted to increase your sales you had to advertise and to be fair that’s not changed, only previously you had to put an ad into a newspaper, use 48 sheet billboards, organise leaflet drops, advertise on bus shelters, go on the television, the radio or organised focus groups to find out what the public thought of you, your brand image, your products or services and that all cost money – lots of money.8 benefits of social media

I remember organising focus groups for one particular client I used to work with.  We’d organise a group of people in a venue and start asking them questions.  The client got the feedback they wanted, the participants got paid for their time, the venue charged us ridiculous prices for a 2 or 3 hour session and oh of course the agency made a fortune out of it. But what can I say, that’s just how it worked.  That was until now!  Now you can ask as many questions as you like on social media to get the same feedback, interaction and information from your followers, fans or customers and all in an instant, it’s a 2 way public dialogue that’s absolutely FREE!

Even if you venture into the paid advertising side of things it’s still far cheaper than running ads in the local newspaper, it’s far more effective and it’s very targeted unlike putting an ad into a local newspaper or brochure, where you have no control over who is reading it or even seeing it. With social media and Facebook in particular you can target directly those who you want to see it.

3]  Improve Your Customer Knowledge

Social listening is a great opportunity to find out valuable information about your customer, what they are interested in, how they behave and what they think of your business.  Measuring conversions based on different promotions from various social media channels can eventually help you find the perfect combination to generate revenue but in order to achieve that you have to get started!

Let’s face it if you’re still contemplating whether you should be on social media or not perhaps try thinking about it like this …

Your competition are probably already there and may well be stealing your traffic and conversions as you standby watching and if your competition aren’t already using social media then that’s a great reason for you to get ahead of the game.

4]  Increase Traffic To Your Website

To start out online you obviously need a website and then you need that website to be seen by as many other people as possible, ideally by potential customers.  If you have a fantastic website with no viewers then you are the best kept secret in your industry.  Sharing posts on social media gives users a reason to click back through to your website.  It’s opening up the chances of your website being seen.  Without it you are limiting your content to only those who are already familiar with your brand or those searching for the keywords you rank for.  Social media provides more ways for users to track back to your site and learn about you and once again the more quality content you share on your social media accounts, the more inbound traffic you’ll generate to your website leading to more opportunities to sell.

5]  Increase Brand Recognition And Awareness

Very simply put the more good quality content you have out there, the more you’ll be seen, heard and remembered.  The more times your name shows up in front of existing or potential clients and customers the more chance you have of being the name they think to turn to when they need your products or services but you must be known for good quality content otherwise they’ll switch away from you.8 benefits of social media

6]  Improve Brand Loyalty

It’s hard to believe, yet studies have shown that people who follow brands on social media remain more loyal to them than those they don’t follow. Consumers like their voice to be heard if something goes wrong and also if thing are going well.  Being able to interact directly with loyal clients or customers helps build a brand loyalty that those offline just can’t compete with. You can read more about improving brand loyality via this report from Texas Tech University

7]  More Opportunity To Convert

Posting on social media platforms provides endless opportunities for customers or clients to buy your products or services.  When you build up your following this allows you to have access to potential new customers, old customers and existing customers.  With every blog post, image, video or comment you share, you increase your chances of being seen and making a sale or at the very least the opportunity to start building a relationship with someone new.

8]  Better Quality Customer Experience

It’s also true to say that social media platforms are really just another avenue in which you can speak to your customers or clients just as the old fashioned telephone or writing a letter was.  These have of course subsequently been replaced with mobile phone calls and emails but social media is exactly the same only it’s an instant and PUBLIC avenue!8 benefits of social media

If your company has provided poor customer service or even fantastic customer service then the chances are the customer will turn straight to social media and tell the world about their good or bad experience.

If you aren’t on social media you will have no idea what they and others are saying about your business and you won’t have the opportunity to react to that situation, whereas if you see the issue you have the chance to respond or rectify it in some way.  For example, you could offer a public apology, maybe some compensation or if they enjoyed the experience you could offer additional products or services to them to try to up-sell them.  Whatever it is they say, it’s out there in the public domain for others to see and this reflects upon your company.  Being on social media give you the chance to work this in your favour as opposed to not even knowing what’s going on.


Social media is all about relationship building so the sooner you start the sooner you can start building them, the more followers or fans you have the more you will get as they share your quality content with their friends.

The longer you wait the more you have to lose, it’s not expensive to get somebody to set you up with professional looking and SEO friendly pages followed by some basic training and strategies and you’re away.

If you’re a small to medium sized business or a start-up business with limited funds for marketing and you’re interested in getting started on social media but don’t know where to start, why not contact me for some help and guidance after all I sat in your very shoes once myself some years ago and now see what social media has done for me!  Honestly being taught the basics and having somebody to ask questions to will help you no end.  Why not contact me by clicking here or take a look at something new I’m in the process or launching specifically for businesses like you.  Something very special and very affordable.  Click here to find out more.

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