Social Media Management – How Can It Help Your Business?

October 13, 2014

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Social Media Management – How Can It Help Your Business?

It’s a very wide topic to discuss in a shortish article like this but to keep it as brief as I can, I would say it’s all about accepting that you can’t and don’t have to do everything yourself with regards to your business and especially social media.  

Let Me Ask You This?  Do You Do Your Own Accounts?

Of course you can do your own annual accounting if you choose too but it makes more sense to pay a trained accountant to do it for you. After all they know all the short cuts, the tricks of the trade, what you can and can’t claim for,  what’s expected of you/them by the tax man and the really big reason for letting someone else do your accounts for you is that it leaves you free to actually concentrate on doing what you are good at which is building and growing your business.

Do You Service Your Own Company Car?

The above scenario isn’t by any means the only outsourcing service you could choose to use for your business. The maintenance of your company car is another example where you could choose to do this yourself if you had the right skills but as most people don’t they choose to have a trained mechanic service their company car each year.  Again they are trained to do this, to spot the faults and correct them, they know what to do, how to do it properly and let’s face it we’d rather be doing other more productive things within our business than getting elbow high in grease just to save a few quid.

Do You Do Your Own Legal Work?

Another such example is if we have any legal issues we turn straight to a solicitor for help and guidance rather than having to spend hours reading through all the paperwork, learning and understanding all the jargon as well as what we need to know before we even work out what we need to do.

So Why Stress Yourself Out & Waste Your Time & Effort Doing Your Own Social Media?

When there are fully trained experts out there to do it for you!

Social media is pretty much the same as each of the examples I’ve outlined above. Of course you can do it for yourself as you can any of the other scenarios outlined above but using social media as a business is very different to using it for your personal use if in fact you have the time to even do both.

So the question arises, do you have the necessary knowledge, the expertise, the skills and the understanding of each platform to be able to execute your strategy effectively? Do you even have a strategy? Do you have the time and energy to invest in all the learning that is required to be done to implement this in the correct way?

I suspect not and that’s why having some social media help is imperative. It does not mean you have to lose total control of your social media, of course not, you would work with your social media manager and you can decide what type of things you want posting or don’t want posting whilst still do some posting yourself if you wish to.  Or maybe you want to handle certain platforms and hand over the others to your social media manager? Maybe you have tons of ‘stuff, bits and bats, articles, videos etc’ squirrelled away in a file that you’ve seen, liked and kept meaning to use on your social media?  Well, dig it all out and send it to your social media manager and they’ll set it all up in the correct format and input it all for you.  This way you’ll get a consistent flow of postings – something all social media sites are looking for.

Social media management is a flexible service that is designed to help you get the most out of your social media with the least amount of time invested in it by you and depending upon the company you choose may well depend upon what they offer.  Some will offer just a posting facility others like myself can offer a far more indepth service if required but it can very much be tailored to what your personal company requirements are.  Some of my services include:-

  • Social media marketing planning & strategy 
  • Social media existing account critique/recommendation 
  • Customised social media platform/s set up 
  • Page management – posting facility, monitoring, spam deletion etc
  • Page App installation to collect emails & build up your database  
  • Automated email marketing system  
  • Facebook advertising campaign set up and monitoring 
  • Basic Blog/Website set up and design
  • Basic Blog/Website set up and design with lead capture/sales funnel capabilities
  • Training, in-house, on-line, individual, group or done for you
  • Miscellaneous jobs – tell me what you need and I’ll tell you if I can accommodate it
  • Whether you wish me to look at the above as a one off or on an ongoing monthly basis then this is all possible – my social media management services are very flexible.

Social media is not going to go away, in fact it’s getting stronger and stronger by the day, whereas the traditional ways to promote a business offline lose more and more traction by the day and will I suspect eventually fade away.

Rather by it’s nature, popularity and success social media is going to require more and more daily input with continual learning, especially as the platforms themselves evolve, grow and regularly change to keep up with new progress.  This you may well have already experienced if you are using any social media platforms right now and it’s somewhat annoying [even for the likes of me] when you’ve  learnt how it works and then they change it!

Smart business owners looking to capitalise fully from social media will either employ or outsource a social media manager sooner rather than later to help take the strain away from them and allowing the social media manager to grow and develop with the company along the way.

Outsourcing your social media costs a fraction of employing somebody in-house to run your social media yet it has many of the same benefits if not more that will help your business grow and prosper on-line.

Click here to email me and claim your free no obligation consultation with me about your social media requirements or use the ‘pop up’ to the right/bottom of this page to make an appointment with me.

You never know I might just be the extra pair of hands your business has been crying out for.

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